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The Momo Challenge

The “Momo Challenge” is a recurring social media media hoax that started in July 2018 and has recently surfaced again. It started as messages on the WhatsApp App telling the recipient to perform a series of tasks (or challenges). Refusal to do so being met with threats. There have been media social media posts and news articles claiming that children have committed suicide in doing these challenges. As of this post, there have been no suicides directly attributed to the Momo challenge. The recent concern over the “Momo challenge” has sparked many questions on what parents can do to protect their children.

This is really a form of Cyberbullying and first and foremost is to have a discussion with your children about this. They need to know this is not real and your are there to help them. It is also a great time to discuss social media posting. Let them know that what they post will be out there FOREVER. Many employers now check an applicants social media before hiring them. Even if you delete the post there can be copies still hanging out there in different forms. This not only applies to children but adults as well. It may be great to vent on a day when something upsets you but you don't know who will see it and how they will react.

If you want the ability to monitor and/or control what your children do online, an article that lists the top software/hardware is located at: The Best Parental Control Software for 2019

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